On the evening of Saturday, November 14th, our black lab, Kohi, began to go into labor.  
The next eventful 14 hours included a trip to the veterinarian for an emergency C-section.  
Despite all of the excitement, Kohi and her ten puppies (seven boys, three girls) are doing well.  

JANUARY 22ND: Two inches of snow last night, so we had to let the remaining puppies
and the big dogs out to have some fun.  Puppies were only out for about ten minutes
and were thoroughly warmed up afterwards.

JANUARY 10TH NEWS: As almost all puppies have gone to their new homes, we have ceased
to update the puppy portion of this site on a regular basis.  However, with today's last update, 
we are pleased to publish one last video (in low, medium, and high definition).  Be forewarned;
it's a bit of a tearjerker.  Thanks to all of you who have given us such positive comments and 
encouragement about the site.  It has been our pleasure to keep you updated on our/your
precious puppies.  We wish all of them healthy and happy lives with their new families.

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Puppies_01-22-10_1683w.jpg (121909 bytes)    Puppies_01-22-10_1691w.jpg (130529 bytes)    Puppies_01-22-10_1697w.jpg (121896 bytes)    Puppies_01-22-10_1702w.jpg (123269 bytes)    Puppies_01-22-10_1704w.jpg (121141 bytes)

Puppies_01-22-10_1712w.jpg (119175 bytes)    Puppies_01-22-10_1715w.jpg (87149 bytes)    Puppies_01-22-10_1720w.jpg (116502 bytes)    Puppies_01-22-10_1722w.jpg (123140 bytes)    Puppies_01-22-10_1725w.jpg (112284 bytes)

Puppies_01-22-10_1728w.jpg (106742 bytes)    Puppies_01-22-10_1731w.jpg (124063 bytes)    Puppies_01-22-10_1732w.jpg (172897 bytes)    Puppies_01-22-10_1740w.jpg (151190 bytes)    Puppies_01-22-10_1743w.jpg (158362 bytes)




Puppies_01-10-10_1661w.jpg (157657 bytes)    Puppies_01-10-10_1662w.jpg (194355 bytes)    Puppies_01-10-10_1666w.jpg (175441 bytes)    Puppies_01-10-10_1667w.jpg (176836 bytes)

Puppies_01-10-10_1678w.jpg (134367 bytes)    Puppies_01-10-10_1679w.jpg (191570 bytes)

Right click on the selected text target below and
highlight "Save Target As..." and then left click.
Save the movie file on your computer and
use your media player to play it.  

Goodbye Puppy Video

Right Click HERE and follow above directions for the Low-Def (6MB) Version

Right Click HERE and follow above directions for the Medium-Def (27MB) Version

Right Click HERE and follow above directions for the Hi-Def (55MB) Version




Puppies_01-09-10_1481w.jpg (203821 bytes)    Puppies_01-09-10_1480w.jpg (196019 bytes)    Puppies_01-09-10_1622w.jpg (170788 bytes)    Puppies_01-09-10_1628w.jpg (156051 bytes)

Puppies_01-09-10_1640w.jpg (140359 bytes)    Puppies_01-09-10_1643w.jpg (163848 bytes)    Puppies_01-09-10_1658w.jpg (173097 bytes)    Puppies_01-09-10_1659w.jpg (221101 bytes)

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